Publishing Your Digital Stamps on Alternative Areas

Most crafters who use digital stamps print out their graphics on typical bright white papers to work alongside. There are many other alternatives to plain paper, although your image can only be printed on what runs through a printer. I want to reveal some thoughts that will enable you to create the most out of your digital stamp assortment.

A take note about generating digital stamps: it is always finest to utilize a laser computer printer or standard copy equipment. This is because the printer is heating established on the paper at the same time of stamping. Ink jet printers spray ink onto the paper and the method can sometimes cause your image to smear when colored or exposed to water by contrast. Try heat setting your image with a heat tool before working with it if you only have an ink jet printer. Now to the substitute surface areas to produce on...

Coloured or Patterned Paper

The most frequent usage of digital stamps would be to produce for colouring. You might want to paper piecing instead, however. Print out your graphics on tinted or designed pieces of paper, then reduce all the pieces of the image to collage back together again with various designs. This is a fantastic method that brings a great deal of texture to the function.

Watercolor Paper

For those who enjoy a soft, watercolor look, attempt loading your inkjet printer with watercolor document. Typically it can help to give every individual page to the printer and check your configurations to fit the fullness of your pieces of paper. It will be easy to color your digital picture with traditional watercolor paints and produce wonderful works of artwork.

Canvas Pieces of paper

Are you aware that fabric document is out there especially for your house laser printers? When looking for printing device pieces of paper, look into the niche section for other sorts of reports that are created particularly for use in residence computer printers. You need to easily find material papers which will give your photos a great art texture. This will enable you to actually paint your digital images if you choose or use other traditional coloring materials.


Even though you may also buy special computer fabrics that may run through a computer printer, a do-it-yourself concept is usually to glue fabric on to bedding of paper. In this way, it will be possible to operate it via your printing device. You will need to test out settings, in order to find the right balance of ink for the specific fabric used, but it's a great project to try out, bringing your stamping into sewing projects.

Publishing for Moves

A workaround for obtaining your digital picture onto a non-level item is to print the graphic for shift. Which means you print out your appearance on to shop-bought transfer document, iron-on transfer paper or regular document being moved onto the closing surface area employing artistic transfer methods. There are many different techniques out there to experiment with, so it all depends on your preference, but it is possible. You can, as an example, produce your images to lean papers being transferred onto candle lights for interior decor. A certain amount of experimentation will open up a completely new entire world to your digital stamping and crafting.

As printing technology evolves and more materials become accessible, the world of digital stamping will only grow more exciting and versatile. Try out a few of these choice surface areas on your own and find out whatever you can make out of it. You'll soon find numerous new techniques to apply your digital stamps.

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